Toddler Flying Tips

Toddler Flying Tips

Following on from my blog about Baby Flying Tips  I thought I’d do the same for flying with toddlers. We recently travelled to Rome with Finn, he was 14 months at the time and is definitely more active than the last time we flew. Here’s our Rome Blog if you fancy taking a look. 
Booking flights- A lot of advice I’ve read says to book flights around your toddlers sleep times. We’ve always tended to just go with what’s  cheapest and more convenient and I’ve not found it’s made a massive difference. I find there’s usually too much going on for Finn to sleep. That said we haven’t done long haul yet, so maybe if we did long haul I’d work around bed time. My advice would be to go with the flow, but you know yourself how adaptable your toddler is. 
Airport- We flew from terminal 3 at Manchester and they had a kids area with soft play and CBeebies. I said to Stu we must have walked past this loads of time pre Finn so it’s definitely worth hunting one out.  It was brilliant, Finn was able to run around and burn some energy before the flight. 

Ready to take off
Food & Drink- My number 1 tips is snacks and lots of them. I took raisins and then once we were through security I bought crisps, some fruit pouches, cereal bars, a sandwich, fruit and crackers.  I know this isn’t the healthiest snack choices  but it’s just for a few hours and these were a great distraction on the flight. Finn is now on cows milk so we were also able to buy this after security. I then gave him this in his sippy cup for take off and landing to help with his ears. On passing security I just made sure we got everything else in the trays and then took his cup away last minute to avoid a meltdown. 

Plane Bag- We took Finn’s Trunki with us, he loved pushing it around and playing with it at the airport. I bought a few new toys for the plane and the things we found most useful were: stickers (these kept him occupied for ages), a colouring book, crayons, 3 new toy cars, a pull back Thomas train that rolled when you released it he laughed at this for ages, a new teddy and the travel Aquadoodle! The travel Aqua doodle was brilliant both on the plane and when we were Eating out on holiday. I’ve read on other blogs to go to the pound shop and buy 10 toys and wrap them up then space them out for the flight, which is something I might try next time. 

Watching Bing

Changing Bag- As well as the trunki we also took a separate changing bag. I packed (for a 3 and a half hour flight) 2 Muslins, 2 packs of wipes, a spare change of clothes, 2 Blankets (but Finn loves these for comfort), 6 nappys & Calpol just incase his ears really bothered him. I always prefer to take more just incase of delays.

Ipad- We bought some child friendly headphones and loaded the iPad with Thomas the tank Finn loved this on the plane. I think the headphones were a massive novelty as well. 

Softplay area at the airport

Boarding and leaving the Plane- We tried to make sure we were the last on the plane just to minimise the time we spent waiting. We also found it best for me to leave as soon as possible with Finn and for Stu to hang back and check under the seat for dropped items and bring the bags. 

Walking- whenever possible I let Finn walk up and down the aisles, he loved all the attention and it was perfect when he was getting fed up of being sat down. 

Sleep- On the flights we’ve been on with Finn he’s always struggled to sleep so I think what works best  for us is letting him just have some chill time with the iPad. I’d say if possible try not to stress too much about nap time and routine as I’ve always found it soon falls back into place. 

Trunki ready to go

What are your top tips for flying with a toddler? 

50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 and 3/4 

50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 and 3/4 

I recently came across an article all about the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4 and fell in love with the idea. 

I think with the increase of technology  some children never experience the really fun childhood milestones. I’m not saying I’m anti tv, iPads etc as Finn does watch some cartoons, and the iPad was a lifesaver on the plane. But  I’m really conscious of making sure Finn doesn’t use them too much as he grows up. I also think this list is a really fun way to have quality family time together. 

Here’s the list 

And here’s a link to the site 50 Things so you can have a look for yourself. 

Obviously Finn is still really little so there aren’t many we can complete at the moment but I’ll definitely be referring back to this list as time goes on. I know Stu will really enjoy doing these activities with Finn as well. 

Here’s some pictures from some  we’ve already ticked off,

3.  Camp out in the wild.

And – 23. Visit a farm 

41. Plant it , Grow it , Eat it 

Is anyone else following this list? I’d love to hear X 

Fuerteventura- Finn’s  first holiday abroad

Fuerteventura- Finn’s  first holiday abroad

We took Finn on his first holiday abroad to Fuerteventura when he was Just over 7 months old. We went in September for a week to Caleta de Fuste and stayed in the Barcelo Thalasso Spa.

As I have mentioned previously I am a massive overpacker and worried we wouldn’t have enough for Finn so I did take about 4 spare of everything clothes wise, about 40 nappys etc… But when we were there I had a look around and everything was cheap enough to buy.

Finn enjoying some melon round the pool
I have covered the flight and airport separately in a previous blog Baby Flying tips.

We got a taxi from the airport as I had read on trip advisor that they had car seats and it was only a short transfer. This was the easiest option with the pushchair and all the luggage.

Finn loved the Pool

The hotel was beautiful with plenty of facilities. We had decided to go all inclusive as we thought it would be easier with Finn being new to food we could just pick bits up for him whenever. We also wanted a little bit of luxury with it being our honeymoon. The food was really good but we did eat out quite a few times for a change  at tea time as we knew we would  get bored of just one buffet. The breakfast was lovely with lots of choice. Lunch suited us as there was a snack bar so we could just get bits of food during the day. We had chosen an upgraded room and it was huge, with a beautiful sea view. We All all the rooms looked lovely though. There was 2 big pools, with one really shallow bit which was ideal for a baby. He loved splashing in the pool or floating in his rubber  ring.

My big worries were keeping Finn cool and food, which after speaking to a few friends about going abroad with babies this was their main worry too. I will briefly cover some tips I picked up.

Food– As I’ve mentioned previously in blog posts we did partly Baby Led Weaning so at this stage Finn was happy to eat a variety of food. There was plenty of salad bits, fruit & pasta for him. Plus he was happy to try bit of what we were eating. I do think all inclusive was perfect for a baby at this stage of weaning . That said I did take a lot of ready made food & snacks. I ordered pouches and packets of baby snacks to Boots at the airport , just so I knew we would definitely have something for him.

Heat- We have the the Armadillo City and this was perfect as it has a really large sun canopy. We also kept Finn in the shade whenever we could  apart from in the pool. He lived in swim stuff in the day as it was too hot for anything else. One thing he loved and kept him cool was a blow up paddling pool under an umbrella, we filled this up with pool water and bought a few toys to go in it. He really enjoyed this.

Siesta in the Shade

 View from our room

The area was really good for children, we didn’t venture really far as we just wanted a relaxing holiday. But around the hotel there was plenty of parks,play areas and child friendly places to eat. One restaurant I would definitely recommend is La Taberna del Capitan, this is probably the best tapas we have ever tasted! From the outside you wouldn’t think so but this place is amazing. We returned twice something we don’t normally do on holiday but it was that good. Fado rock was  another restaurant we loved as well, I had a beautiful   seafood mixed grill. We never really stayed out too late but early evening all of the bars were child friendly and reasonable prices.

We would definitely like to return to this area one day.

Baby Groups 

Baby Groups 

I have a confession to make … I am a Baby group addict. I know some people I have spoke to say some groups are a waste of time and money for young babies but I loved getting out and about in the early days and chatting to other new Mum’s.

Finn enjoying the sensory room at our local childrens’s centre

You name it from baby massage, messy play, baby matters, Mummy  coffee mornings, rhyme time, Baby sensory, gardening club, swim a song, playgroup,  baby sign  we’ve done it.

Music Class

I like a routine (as much as possible with a young baby) and to be out and about,

so I think when Finn was first born I liked to know there was a group we could go to each day. We didn’t necessarily go to one every single day every week as I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself, but I liked knowing there was the option. I live in Chester,  where I moved for Uni so found it good to meet new people with baby’s the same age. 

Baby Sensory

I know a lot of people don’t like attending because they feel shy about meeting other people, but I’ve always found everyone to be really friendly after all everyone is in the same boat. It really helps to have people going through the same experiences  to talk to. Plus there’s usually coffee ,always a bonus. 

Gardening Club

I found my local children’s centre, libraries, Facebook groups and Mum’s in the know (a Facebook page) best for finding groups. A lot of them were free or minimal charge as well. Now Finn is getting older and I’m back at work we do 2 classes a week (messy play & gardening club) which I will do a blog on soon. I found going to these groups has helped Finn to be confident around other babies and enjoy new experiences. 

Messy Play

If you’re feeling nervous about attending a group with your baby or toddler just give it a go us mums love talking about our baby’s so there’s always an ice breaker. 

Let me know what groups you love to attend as we are always on the look out for new ones to try. 

Messy Play
Baby Sensory

Day in the Life Media City 15.5.16

Day in the Life Media City 15.5.16

I love reading other blogger’s Day in the Life, basically I’m nosy , but I also love looking for inspiration for family days out! So I thought I’d have a go at doing our own. Yesterday we visited the Imperial War Museum and Media City, it was a lovely sunny day. 

Finn woke up around 7 and started his morning by getting most of his toys out in his play room, his usual morning routine. 

I then did an exciting Sunday morning clean, while Stu made breakfast. 

I attempted to get a picture for Finn’s outfit of the day but he just kept running off. 

Road Trip Ready

We had a quick stop off on the way to pick up my new camera. I decided to get the Canon Poweshot sx 60 hs. I’d read the reviews and they all seem really good. I want to take better quality pictures for my blog and possibly begin to vlog. 

Arriving at media city

We walked over to the Imperial War Museum, Stu had wanted to visit for a while so we thought we would combine it with meeting up with my parents who live close by. Stu loved it and can’t wait to visit again with his Dad. It would be brilliant for older children but Finn soon got fed up, me and him had a cafe break so  Stu could have a proper look round. 

Testing out my New Camera
Walking over to Imperial War
Milk and Snack Break

We then met my parents and walked over to Pokusevski’s a lovely quirky Deli & Cafe where we had really good coffee and cake.

Finn, Grandad and Upsy Daisy

Finn loved the Blue Peter Garden especially the fish.

Blue Peter Garden

In the middle of Media City is a piazza and part of the Dockyard Pub is the Shack. It’s a tiki style bar with deckchairs and beanbags, it was perfect for this sunny weather. Finn loved being able to run about with his football and the pina colada was really good. 

We then went to Cau an Argentinian restaurant for dinner, my first impression was that it wouldn’t be very child friendly but they were brilliant! The kids menu was really good with a wide choice and they even provided toddler friendly cutlery. The staff were  with amazing with Finn, the kept coming over to speak to him and bringing more Humous which he kept polishing off. All our meals were lovely  as well. 

I loved Media City and its a lovely day out with your children. We will definitely be returning. 

Wonder week 9- Principles 

Wonder week 9- Principles 

I’m a bit late to this as Finn has gone through most of the leaps. But I found this book and app  so useful and it really has helped to understand any rough weeks we may have had. 

For anyone that doesn’t know the wonder weeks is based around the idea that baby’s go through major leaps in their mental developments during their early months. These leaps happen at the same time for all babies and explain fussiness and your baby being unsettled. The theory is by understanding this you can understand your baby better. 

I was very sceptical  when I first heard about it from a friends  but I downloaded the book anyway.  As I’ve mentioned in other blogs I love to read so thought it was worth a look myself. I was hooked and have found the book really interesting. I have the app and it gives an alert when Finn is about to enter a leap. mentioned to a friend the other day we will have a few days of Finn  being off or cranky and then the notification will pop up like clock work. 

Finn is currently on leap 9 which is Prinicples, this is from age 59 1/2 to 64 1/2 weeks and is all about your toddler learning rules. Each leap covers different abilities that a baby may master and signs to look out for. I will briefly talk about Finn during this leap below.


  • Playing with emotions by practicing all sorts of behavior and facial expressions from sad to happy and sweet.- This is definitely something Finn has gone through in this leap. He has even fake cried (quite dramatically) when I have put the dog in the garden. I’ve also noticed him pulling various faces in the parent view car seat mirror. 
  • Wants to do things by himself (i.e. he only eats properly if he can feed himself, and helping when it’s not wanted could result in everything ending up on the floor)- another development Finn is currently going through he won’t let us spoon feed him and always wants to use his own fork and spoon. 
  • Replays the daily domestic business done indoors and out (i.e. your baby might pretend to cook, shop, take walks, and take care of his toys; your child might even “become angry”)- Finn loves sweeping and if I wipe his table he loves to copy. He also loves to give his Teddys some of his drink.


  • Follows you constantly wherever you go- this is especially true now Finn has begun to walk 
  • Acts unusually sweet- he loves giving cuddles and kisses and will often cuddle his Teddys and say aww. 
  • Is jealous, especially when you give attention to other children- occasionally if I’m holding a friends baby Finn will be jealous. He’s only really started doing this in the past few weeks. 

Has anyone else read the Wonderweeks or used the app? What was your experience of it?  

Baby Flying Tips 

Baby Flying Tips 

We took Finn on his first flight when he was just over 6 months old. I was really worried before hand about how he would cope with the flight. As usual I did plenty of research so thought it would be useful to write down my top flying tips. 

Bring Spare Clothes- I took 2 outfit changes for Finn, 1 top for me and 1 for Finn. A friend laughed as I’m a massive over packer but once Finn had been sick on me, himself and his Daddy I was really glad we did. 

Pack more milk than you think you’ll need- There’s a theme here, I like to plan and pack for every eventuality but I found Finn drank a lot on the flight. I took powder for 3 bottles and cooled boiled water filled to the correct amount. I also packed a few ready made milks ready to put in an empty bottle once he had used the others. The flight was only 4 hours but I didn’t want to panick incase of any delays. I ordered milk and food from boots a week before we went as we were struggling for luggage allowance, we then collected this after security. 

Dummy clips- At the time Finn was using dummy’s and a dummy clip was something I really wish I’d packed. Within 10 minutes of take off he had thrown 4 on the floor and they were a real struggle to find with limited space. 

Bottle for take off and landing- try to feed your baby on take off and landing or give some cool boiled water as this helps with their ears. 

Food- Finn had only just started on solids, so didn’t eat much food. For convenience though I just used pouches and pre packed snacks I’d ordered from boots. It was so much easier and less messy. 

Changing table- As our flight was really packed and had limited leg room (think budget airline) whenever Finn got restless and there wasn’t a queue for the toilet I took advantage of the changing table. He loved being able to kick his legs and the bright lights in there. Just make sure you take your travel changing mat. 

Toys – Finn was at an age where he wasn’t really interested in many toys but I just took a few: his Sophie the giraffe, a few books & Teddys  and his pram toy with a mirror just to give him a few distractions. 

Don’t rush on or off the plane- A lot of people say to take advantage of the chance to board first but we prefer to hold back meaning less time on the plane. It also means less time queuing and holding a heavy baby after you’ve give the buggy in. We also learnt for one of us to hold back and check the seat area and underneath after we lost a favourite teddy on our first flight. 

Blankets- Finn loves blankets for comfort so we made sure we had a few of these, they were also handy for when it got cold and for him to lie on on our knees when napping. 

Pyjamas  for flight – if we have an early flight I keep Finn in his pyjamas for comfort and so he has a nice clean outfit when we get to our destination. I also like to put him in lightweight layers as I find planes can get cold. 

Aisle seat at the back- The best seat I found was an aisle seat right at the back, making it easier to get up and down. I also found it better at the back as there was a bit more room to walk round with Finn when he needed settling. 

Change nappy before take off- I found it best to do this as late as possible to minimise the nappy changes on board. 

Don’t worry about routine- I read a lot before we went away  saying try to fly around nap time or bedtime , but this didn’t work for us. Finn was more unsettled on our late evening flight than any other. I think because he was overtired. I found the best thing was to just forget routine and go with the flow of naps and feeds (I did this on the holiday too). 

Pack double- for out 4 hour flight I packed double what I’d normally take in my changing bag in a day. So about 10 nappys, 2 packs of wipes, 2 Muslins and about 5 bibs. As I mentioned I am a massive over packer but I felt more relaxed knowing we had plenty of things. 

I hope you’ve found these tips useful and I’d love to hear others top tips for flying with a baby.